Quantum Jump

Science-inspired puzzle game, which will take you to the unseen world of semiconductor physics and quantum mechanics. You will be playing as Mr. Gansy, who is in fact a nanoscale light emitting diode! So join Mr. Gansy in his adventures travelling through a semiconductor’s crystal growth reactor by solving challenging entangled-photons puzzles!

The goal of the game is simple you have to get to the white portal but you cannot jump, instead you need to use quantum links.

The link can be created between portals of the same type (colour). Your job will be to launch portals into places, which allow you to get to the white final portal.

This can be challenging as a portal needs to be stable to open a link, some places can be frozen and slippery and the link can be formed only between even number of portals.


Game features:

  • 60 hand-made levels in total
  • 12 secret dark levels, which can be unlocked during game play
  • 7 pieces of MFC, which you have to find if you want to save the nano-scale LEDs world
  • 4 NPCs to meet with their unique story to listen


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Mr. Gansy: Quantum Jump on Google Play