Explore Shaders World (Unity3D)

Recently I invested a bit of my time to learn how to write Shaders for Unity3D. I read books, watched tutorials, took online course etc. There are truly amazing teachers out there. But writing shaders is not only about knowledge it is actually mostly about the practice.

So I decided to start a small project, where I will experiment with Shaders. Sort of travel blog, but instead of exploring real world, we will wander in 3D computer graphics shaders space. Hopefully this will be useful for you and just to let you know I am still learning how to program shaders so please feel free to correct me if you find any mistake.

I have started github repository, where I will keep shaders built for this project. So in many cases I will not show the full shader code here. Instead I’d like to focus on important for a blog post parts of shaders. But I will make everything as easy as possible so you can replicate it.


GitHub Shaders Library

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